About Us

For as long as we can remember (me and my friends) we used to go to the beautician, and that basically becomes our practice, we used to never put makeup by ourselves. Not because we did not like to do that, but because we did not have the proper makeup or tool for that. After some time, we could not continue to waste hours going to the beautician every time we had to go somewhere. That is when we decide to try by ourselves. Honestly, at first, we were so bad at it, but not that we did not know how to do it, we did not have proper makeup and tools. Most of the tools and makeups that professionals use is way too expensive. But we didn't want to give up on that, so we dig more and more. Then all of sudden we found makeups, and tools and even some of the most amazing accessories, so we started to do it by ourselves. After a short time, more and more of my friends started coming to me and asked me to do their makeup, and I was far from the expert in that. But they all loved it!! 

So, we told them our secret! After a few months, all of my friends and their friends used my makeup and my tool source. That is when we decided to share it with the world and started LexiMakeUp. We want to provide affordable and yet easy to use tools and quality makeup for all! Our goal is simple! We want you to have professional makeup experience at home. After some time, doing it on your own and feeling like a professional gives you a new way to reconnect with yourself again, and you can experiment on a new look every day.

Join us on our journey and let's make this world a more beautiful place!